Creating a network of authentic relationships to best serve patients

High-touch, big impact. That’s the hallmark of Melinta. Behind the scenes, our key account managers are working to ensure the patient-serving process runs smoothly.

It Takes a Team to Best Serve a Patient.

A patient might be in touch with the physician, the physician’s office, and the pharmacy. But, behind the scenes, our key account managers are working to ensure the patient-serving process runs smoothly. For Taylor Lenz, key account manager in Las Vegas, Nevada, that means creating authentic relationships with providers and pharmacies to provide innovative solutions.

“At the end of the day, our work is all about best serving patients,” Taylor said. “In
Vegas, the physicians treat a lot of casino workers. If they get an infection, their top concern is getting back to work. They don’t want to get a peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC line), so if oral medication can work for them, that’s the option they want. That way they can keep getting their paycheck, their health insurance from their job, the things they need to support their families.”

One of our oral medications is fulfilled by specialty pharmacies who provide the option for home-delivery and tend to cater to the patient’s needs more than a traditional pharmacy.

All of our work is about being honest and authentic. We’re upfront about our products, timelines for the fulfillment, all the details. We don’t go from account to account trying to see as many as possible. We’re high touch. That’s how we make the biggest impact.

Taylor Lenz, Key Account Manager

“It’s actually been so rewarding to have FaceTime calls with doctors and monthly check-ins with them,” Taylor said. “We’ve gotten to know each other a lot better. We talk about the work we’re doing together, but we also ask about each other’s families. It’s that type of relationship that allows me to really anticipate their needs and best serve them.” At Melinta, we focus on serving patients with an unmet need for acute and life-threatening illnesses. To do that, we collaborate with providers to ensure that all patients who need our therapies can get them. One of our essential behaviors is to “do the right thing,” and that ethos is an integral part of how we support the patient-serving process.