Leading the way for patient care

The needs are changing for patients and providers. Here’s how one key account manager is leading the way to help support evolving standards of care in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Absolutely not. I’m not going to the hospital.”

A podiatrist in Georgia heard this from a patient with a severe heel infection. Many patients at this wound care clinic were already reluctant to check into a hospital for a several-day stay to receive a series of IV treatments. But now during the COVID-19 pandemic, patients are refusing. 

This patient’s infection was so severe that the physician needed to start therapy immediately to treat the infection and quickly schedule surgery. 

“For a case like this, the standard of care used to be to admit the patient to the hospital or they might refer to the infusion center for daily infusions if the patient is likely to be compliant,” said Joe O’Weger, key account manager in Atlanta, Georgia. “But, the standard of care is rapidly changing. With COVID-19, patients don’t want to go to the hospitals, and oftentimes, the hospitals don’t even have room for them.” 

Following the traditional standard of care, the podiatrist called the hospital where he would place this patient for treatment. But, even if the patient was compliant with hospital admittance, there wasn’t space for him. 

The physician needed a treatment that would not only be effective, but could be administered without a hospital stay to ensure compliance. That’s when he considered one of our therapeutics and alternate settings of care.

Having access to a treatment for both the patient and provider is so critical in ensuring our therapies are available to every appropriate patient who needs them. It’s how Melinta can help make a difference in people’s lives,” Joe said. “That’s why during COVID-19, I helped to identify resources to support the evolving needs of patients.”

When the podiatrist asked, Joe provided contacts for several local home health infusion options. They communicated with the patient’s insurance company and directly with the patient to explain the process and schedule a home health appointment for the infusion.

“Ultimately, we help support the standards of care to meet the changing needs of patients, especially during the time of the COVID pandemic. Everything we do is with the mindset to best serve the patient, and the result is a win-win.”

Joe O’Weger, Key Account Manager


Innovating to meet the changing needs of patients

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there were challenges with the traditional standard of care. 

Some patients weren’t compliant with daily infusions at infusion centers or taking oral medications, and sometimes oral medications aren’t an option. Hospital stays not only interrupt a patient’s life, but also involve multiple physician points of contact. 

Having alternatives to hospital admission and multi-day treatments can help patients who want to be able to receive their treatment in their home. By having flexibility in the setting of care, patients have another option to be able to receive the treatment they need with a dosing regimen that helps to ensure patient compliance, which is important to the practitioners who treat them.

Within 72 hours, the patient with the heel infection received a home health infusion and the podiatrist scheduled outpatient surgery.