Our Impact

Melinta’s growing portfolio represents our commitment to providing innovative therapies for acute and life-threatening illnesses. We are unparalleled in our ability to meet the unmet needs of our patients.

Making meaningful impact that matters.

Therapeutics are not just about treating illness; they are about collaborating with providers and understanding patients. Woven into the fiber of our culture is tenacity, excellence, agility, integrity and courage. We take each responsibility seriously because when we make a move, it matters.

An important call to action to fight antimicrobial resistance

According to a recent study published in The Lancet, antimicrobial resistance is now a leading cause of death worldwide. At Melinta, we see this study as another call to action to address this global health threat. Our Medical Science Directors weigh in on the study, the global impact of AMR and best practices to all do our part.

‘Doing the right thing’ to ensure our products are safe and effective

‘Do the right thing’ is one of our essential behaviors, and for Jamal Brown, Senior Director of Global GMP Quality Assurance and Compliance, it’s a mantra that drives him both personally and professionally.

4 powerful takeaways from emceeing the 2021 HBA’s Woman of the Year event

CEO Christine Miller shares four impactful key messages from her experience emceeing this first-ever live virtual event for the Healthcare Business Women’s Association.

3 ways to help prevent summertime skin infections

Our top priority is understanding patients’ needs and making the most meaningful impact. Learn about one of the most common infections in the U.S. and three ways to help prevent it during its peak season.

Fighting antimicrobial resistance starts with focusing on patients

CEO Christine Miller talks about the challenges of AMR and the solutions she’s working toward with the Antimicrobial Working Group.

How Melinta Maintained Supply During COVID-19 Pandemic

We talked with Kelley Ford, Vice President of Technical Operations, Supply Chain and Quality, and Kirk Ridge, Director of Supply Chain, to find out how Melinta overcame the challenges of COVID-19 to provide uninterrupted supply of our products for patients in need all over the world.

Creating a network of authentic relationships to best serve patients

High-touch, big impact. That’s the hallmark of Melinta. Behind the scenes, our key account managers are working to help ensure patients who need our products can access them.

Leading the way for patient care

The needs are changing for patients and providers. Here’s how one key account manager is leading the way to help support evolving standards of care in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When the pandemic struck, here’s how our team made a life-saving impact

Amidst the world upheaval in the spring of 2020, one thing was top of mind for our Sunbelt sales team — they wanted to make a positive impact in their communities.